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I bet you forgot about birthdays of your family members more than once. This solves this problem, it is simple, FREE and very usefull annual reminder service! Our main focus is birthday, but it can be anything that is annual. It could be an aniversary, special day, you name it. When you start using it you will feel joy, and good 🙂 You will never forget about birthday of yours loved ones again, and vice versa! Register for free with us and try to use it! Remember there is nothing better than morning surprise call, with birthday greetings, meangingfull gift or visit to celebrate someone birthday. You need to be reminded about it however. Birthday reminder is what you need.

You can use 2 functionalities with us: a reminder by an email or SMS/Text to your cellphone!

Some of you guys for sure are thinking now the following: – Big deal, facebook or gmail etc. offers a birthday reminders, why do I need to use one more service??!! – Well it is a big deal actually. Think, your grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, 2 years old cousin, or a family member from the village may not have account it or they will change policies! Also relying on google calendar etc. will mix all reminders together and you will start forgetting again! – Hmmmmm… well.. actually, you think, you are right! On top of that it would be nice to just enter those birthdays in one place and be done with it right? That is what we thought.

In addition, we have realized than usually there is usually at least one person in the family that keeps nice calendar with reminders of all loved ones. Maybe it is YOU? It was actually not so simple to make, and cost a lot of time and energy. Would not it be nice to share this to other family members? Keep gift ideas? Collaborate about birthday cellebration, get an ideas, win gifts etc. Yes!

What are you waiting for?! Jump in! We will welcome everyone!